The AP TAC training is not a simple, short training course, but a downright “system” characterized by a set of procedures to be learned step by step, followed by our professional training staff.

First of all, the primary purpose of our lessons is the acquisition of the safest possible handling of our personal weapons. Rather than merely relying on confidence, it should be based on an in-depth knowledge of the weapon.

At a later stage, the course focuses on the principles of instinct, and then each of the procedures that are essential to speed up the weapon handling process are progressively introduced, in order to allow the operator to be fit for a dynamic, operational environment.

 Why train with us: 

Our procedures are devised on a concrete basis and based on REAL concepts and developed by our instructor’s REAL ground experience in the war against terror, and law enforcement operations.  AP TAC is a training provider that has hundreds of training sessions to its name, every course does not follow a specific format, but rather models itself around the class, optimizing each student’s time and resources. 

The courses and the seminars organized by AP TAC are open to all professionals in accordance with the highest international standard.